Equipment and Accessories

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F=floor mounted   W=wall mounted

SAUNA HEATERS Domestic with inbuilt controls

Compact W 2 or 4 KW 2.5 or 4 cubic/m
Sport 6 W 6.6 KW 4-8 cubic/m
Sport 8 W 8 KW 6-12 cubic/m
MPE 6 W 6.6 KW 4-8 cubic/m
MPE 8 W 8  KW 6-12  cubic/m
Combi-6 W steam sauna 4-8 cubic/m
Combi-8 W steam sauna 6-12 cubic/m
Wood Burner   KL20 18 KW equivalent

SAUNA HEATERS Commercial with external controls

Using control panel only
SE6 W 6.6 KW 4-8 cubic/m  
SE8 W 8 KW 6-12 cubic/m
Using control panel  plus  relay box
RB30 custom relay box
SK6 W 6.6 KW 4-8 cubic/m
SK8 W 8 KW 6-12 cubic/m
Using control panel plus relay box
RB60 relay box
SDK10 W 10.7 KW 10-18 cubic/m
SDK16 W 16 KW 15-35 cubic/m
SDK20 W 20KW 22-43 cubic/m


Sauna Stones box 14kg
Buckets wood, or  metal with wood handle
Ladle wood, or metal with wood handle
Thermometer glass-front clock face
Hygro-Thermo glass-front combo
Hourglass timer  
Sauna LED Lights down lights and strip lights
Sauna wall lights halogen globe
Head/Back Rest  
Sauna Vent Cover (exhaust)
Sauna Door 1980x620
  • Aspen-bucket
  • Aspen-ladle
  • Relay-Box
  • SDK-10-16-20
  • Sense-SE
  • Sense-SK
  • Sense-Sport
  • Wood-Fired
  • accessories-birch