Sauna Room Fit Out

Walls and Ceiling

Existing brick or masonry walls are lined with horizontal timber battens

Existing stud walls are incorporated unchanged except for extra studs or noggins added as required.

Ceiling joists are installed for a finished ceiling height of 2100, or at maximum 2400 mm.

Insulation batts R1.5 grade are installed between battens and studs, and a double layer of same between ceiling joists.

The insulated walls and ceiling are lined with aluminium foil,  and then with cedar panelling using a secret-nail profile.

Panelling thickness is usually 12 mm or 15 mm.


We recommend non-slip tiles or similar.

"Duckboards" made from cedar decking slats are optional.

Floor waste is required if there is a tap in the sauna,  and is recommended for steam-sauna. 

Domestic sauna seats

Domestic sauna seats are of cedar decking slats on cedar frames.

Commercial sauna seats

Commercial sauna seats are of 38 mm thick cedar beams on cedar frame supports.

A high bench is usually 900 mm off floor level and a low bench 450 mm, but may vary for special layouts. Back rails are installed above the high bench, and infill slats between high and low benches.

Sauna door

Sauna door is cedar framed, insulated, cedar panelled both sides, with observation window approx 260 x 600 mm, and cedar jamb. Other window sizes are available, also door of full length glass in cedar frame. Commercial saunas have a door closer.

Equipment and accessories

Equipment and accessories include the heater, sauna stones, bucket and ladle, thermometer, and lights.

Extras: hygrometer, sand timer, head/back rest.

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Generally a 20-25 mm door undercut serves as fresh air intake, with an outlet vent installed opposite the heater at approx 1800 off the floor, or in the ceiling, usually with an adjustable cover, and may be connected to a ducted air exhaust. Some saunas may require mechanical ventilation, in which case the supply must be at floor level so as not to disrupt the natural air flow in the steam room.

The door undercut is suitable only for heaters on the same wall and close to the door; otherwise a fresh air intake is required near floor level and under the heater, with the same flow capacity as the outlet vent. 

Power for Lights

Lights are usually on the house supply, eg the gym or the pool area etc,  but switched independently for maintenance.

Power for Heaters

Heater size depends on the room volume (cubic metres), see "sauna equipment"

2/4KW single phase 4mm cable, 20 amp CB
6KW single phase 6mm cable, 32 amp CB 
three phase 4mm cable, CB 15 amps /phase 
8KW single phase 10mm cable, 40 amp CB
three phase 4mm cable, CB 20 amps /phase
10KW three phase 6mm cable, CB 25 amps /phase
16KW three phase 10mm cable, CB 32 amps /phase 
20KW three phase 10mm cable, CB 40 amps /phase   
22.5KW three phase 10mm cable, CB 40 amps /phase

Prefabricated or Kit Saunas

Available for domestic, and small commercial saunas.