Steam Room Fit Out


  • Tiles on insulated base, or
  • Lined with white aluminium flat sheet on insulated base

Insulation batts between battens or wall studs,  lined over with FC sheet or villaboard,  then waterproofed and tiled.


White aluminium flat sheet lining on base of FC sheet fixed to underside of ceiling joists. Insulation batts between ceiling joists. Ceiling finished with white aluminium angle trim, with flat bar covering joins between aluminium sheet pieces. Finished ceiling height 2100 – 2400 mm, may be sloped.

Ceilings can be tiled, only mosaic tiles considered suitable.


The floor should have shallow fall to a floor waste approximately central. The floor should slope from the door opening so that water dripping from the door itself runs to the floor waste. Allow also for a wet area outside the door as users enter and leave; an extra floor waste or grate may be required. Non-slip tiles recommended.


  • Tiles on insulated base, or
  • Fibreglass or other bench seats

For tiling, support frames of treated timber, tops clad with compressed FC sheet, fronts with FC sheet or villaboard, then waterproofed. Suspended bench seats can also be tiled. Seats should be gently sloped to avoid water pooling.

  • country-steam-door
  • public-steam
  • steam-private-1
  • steam-public

Steam Outlet

Placed to avoid the risk of scalding or lesser discomfort from  proximity to the steam jet, whether sitting on the seats or standing to use a shower. 

Placing the outlet in a recess, or at the rear under bench seats, can make a part of the seat uncomfortable for persons sitting,  depending on the direction of steam flow from the outlet.


Viking Sauna use a full length glass door in an aluminium frame and jamb, opening outwards, with a water seal on top and on both sides when closed. Glass is clear laminated, aluminium is white powder coated, other colours or clear anodised finish are available.

Frameless glass doors and side panels are also suitable, however the gap at top and sides of the door must be minimal (2-3 mm). Steam escape from around the door can be reduced by air-flow arrangements,  or by a fixed panel segment close to the ceiling.


By convection in most steam rooms, but larger public rooms may require mechanical ventilation. Generally a 20-25 mm door undercut serves as fresh air intake. Air exhaust is via a wall outlet vent 1800 mm off the floor or in the ceiling, which is connected to a PVC ducted air exhaust. The exhaust is wet.

Mechanical ventilation supply must be at floor level so as not to disrupt the natural air flow in the steam room.

Power for Lights

Lights are usually on the house supply, eg the gym or the pool area etc, but switched independently for maintenance.

Power for Generators

6 KW single phase 6mm cable, 32 amp CB
three  phase 4mm cable, CB 15 amps /phase
9 KW three  phase 6mm cable, CB 20 amps /phase
12 KW three  phase 6mm cable, CB 25 amps /phase