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Treat yourself to your very own slice of heaven with a luxury sauna or steam bath. Relieve the tension of modern life all year round in your beautifully designed tranquil space. Soothe your mind, body and spirit as the sun sets on the work week, while you are submerged in the relaxing fragrance of your choice. Or bring the comfort and luxury of indoor sauna outdoors with your own cabana style sauna where you can enjoy the views of your beautiful property surroundings.

SAUNA – Step into the warmth. Open your senses. Hot dry air reaching 75ºC clear your thoughts and calmness begins spreading through your body. Your muscles relax and the tension melts away. Your dream sauna becomes reality in timber cladded sauna rooms filled with pleasant scents of premium grade western red cedar imported from Canada.

STEAM – Close your eyes and let the steam embrace you. Steam bath is a delightful form of bathing that reaches pleasantly into your soul. The humidity inside is a constant 100% yet the temperature is low, around 40-45ºC. The mild warmth and the intense humidity help your muscles to relax and your skin feels rejuvenated.

Whether you opt for the sensational heat of a traditional Scandinavian dry sauna or you prefer the soothing steam in a relaxing steam bath, Viking Sauna & Steam provide a tailor-made wellness solution to cater for your needs. As the exclusive distributor of Tylö and Helo products in NSW and ACT Australia, we provide a total service to all our commercial and domestic customers from sauna and steam room layout design to fit-out, equipment installation to aftersales maintenance and repair service.





How many square metres of paradise do you desire?

Discover the ancient healing method of sauna and steam baths wherever you want.  Viking Sauna and Steam has been installing high-end sauna and steam rooms since the 1990s and is a licensed contractor of sauna and steam rooms build and we work with licensed electricians and plumbers offering reliable installation and maintenance services.

Our extensive experience offers professional insights on all aspects of creating your own paradise, including design, layout, choice of material, practical considerations, etc.  The only limit is your imagination. Customize your tailor-made room with a wide range of state-of-the-art Tylö and Helo products, or choose from a range of authentic Scandinavian-style pre-fabricated sauna and steam rooms made by TylöHelo in-house in Halmstad Sweden.  Our team will guide you step by step in choosing the best sauna heater and steam generator to suit your needs.  We also offer warranty and aftersales services in NSW and ACT Australia on all Tylö and Helo equipment bought directly from us.

Building a sauna room or steam room is a breeze with the right advice from our professional team who also have extensive experience in providing maintenance and repair services on Tylö and Helo equipment and sauna and steam rooms.  Contact us directly to learn about our product offer and range of services.


Soft Sauna – The crème de la crème of saunas

If you like having the best of both worlds consider installing a soft sauna in your home. Having been on the market for about a decade, the soft sauna is an impressive innovative development. A soft sauna combi-heater is similar to a traditional sauna heater, with the main difference being the addition of a water tank.  This “combi heater” provides the flexibility to use the room as either a traditional hot and dry sauna or a mild temperature sauna with higher humidity.   So whether you prefer a dry, hot steam-free environment, an occasional steam shot by putting a ladle of water onto the hot sauna stones  or a warm humid environment where steam constantly fills the room, the soft sauna boasts the ability to allow everyone to sit back and relax.




Designing your dream sauna or steam room couldn’t be any easier with our professional support. Download our step by step guide to facilitate the planning of your dream sauna or steam room. Once you’ve finished, simply email us and we will provide you with a price for your review.



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