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From private residence and boutique installations through to commercial clubs, gymnasiums and prestige hospitality locations Viking Sauna has the experience and reputation you can depend on.

From a private one person steam room / shower in a residential ensuite, to a large commercial installation, Viking Sauna and Steam provide all the necessary planning and information to conduct a complete steam room / shower design and construction.

A Viking Sauna Steam Room is built with the highest regard to tradition and craftsmanship, offering the unique health benefits of an authentic Turkish or Roman style steam bath, whilst presenting a stunning and prestigious enhancement to any home or lifestyle. Steam room construction is usually carried out by a range of specialists including plumbers, electricians and tilers who have been in partnership with Viking Sauna and Steam for a long time.





We have drawn inspiration from Greek mythology for our latest and most innovative steam bath concept, naming it after the Greek goddess of healing, Panacea. The Panacea steam bath soothes both body and soul. The hot steam envelops the body, releasing tension and easing muscle aches, while a variety of light and sound settings provide the mind with relaxing stimuli. With its different temperatures, humidity levels and essential oils, Panacea is able to mimic ancient and naturally gentle treatments that draw inspiration from the Roman caldarium and sensuous Balinese steam baths. Or you can use Panacea as a rejuvenating tepidarium, for example, after a traditional Arabian rasul treatment. When you step back out of Panacea, you do so as a new and revitalised person.

Wedi Steam Room Solutions

When Wedi benches, systems and building panels are used in steam shower applications, you are assured of the superior performance for saturated water vapor exposure in warm temperature conditions. Properly installed, Wedi systems aid in eliminating the threat of water vapor transmission through walls that can cause deterioration and mold. Wedi systems will further add insulation to steam showers so that temperature difference exposure between the warm, humid inside of showers and the cold, low humidity outside will be kept at a minimum. Temperature differentiation causes vapor to move towards the colder side, but Wedi building panels, a vapor retarder, stop this shift from occurring.




Designing your dream sauna or steam room couldn’t be any easier with our professional support. Download our step by step guide to facilitate the planning of your dream sauna or steam room. Once you’ve finished, simply email the document to us and we will provide you with a price for your review.


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