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SAUNA HEATERS – Proudly made in Sweden

Sauna Heaters are Tylö engineered for sauna lovers by sauna lovers. This means that each Tylö sauna heater has been carefully designed to deliver the ultimate sauna experience. Its unique, twin-side air chambers provide enhanced hot air distribution and it takes just 25 minutes to reach normal sauna temperature.

The Tylö factory is located in Halmstad on the west coast of Sweden. They have been around since 1950 and continue perfecting their products which are manufactured from scratch solely by them.


Our Tylö sauna heaters are made to the highest standards for durability and longevity. We are avid sauna bathers and make sure that our products are made for perfect sauna experiences. The engineering that goes into our heaters provides excellent heating performance and maximum efficiency. This gives you the possibility to enjoy a relaxing and hot sauna in just 25 minutes.

-Home spa capabilities

-Low energy comsumption

-Modern styling

-Innovative features

-Wide range in power output

Six good reasons to choose Tylö heater

All Tylö heaters are manufactured by sauna bathers for sauna bathers. This means that each heater has been carefully designed to deliver the ultimate sauna experience. The grill on Tylö’s original heater is angled to ensure optimal distribution of hot air. The built-in water reservoir creates a more comfortable and gentle climate – exactly as it should be in a genuine Tylö sauna.

Tylö’s original heaters all heat a sauna extremely quickly – up to twice as fast as any other heater. Tylö’s unique, twin side air chambers provide enhanced hot air distribution (taking as little as 25 minutes to reach a normal sauna temperature of 80°C).
Moreover, with the patented divided output feature, Tylö heaters can realize energy savings of up to 30%, making them an energy efficient choice. The divided output feature means that the sauna heater automatically switches to energy-saving mode when the temperature reaches the desired level and maintains it for the length of time you spend in the sauna.
All in all, this is a financially-sound, long term investment if you are looking for fast and comfortable sauna heating.

Overheat cut-offs, thermostats and temperature sensors are vital components that are selected with meticulous care to ensure maximum safety.
It is also assuring to know that Thermosafe™, Tylö’s unique protective coating, prevents the exterior from becoming too hot to the touch.

Unlike many other sauna heaters, Tylö’s original heater has a deep, centrally-located stone compartment. This ensures that almost all the water sprinkled over the stones turns into steam.

Tylö manufactures its sauna heaters completely in-house, without compromising quality. The heating elements, which are the heart of the heater, are manufactured in a closely monitored process to ensure reliable performance and long life.
The choice of materials, such as a stainless steel stone compartment and aluminium top, reflects Tylö’s high quality standards for all of its products. This is important and good for you, no matter how frequently or seldom you take a sauna.
Thanks to in-house production and meticulous quality control the consumer can be assured that a Tylö heater is a reliable purchase.

All Tylö heaters are being tested throughout the entire manufactur ing process. It is very important for us that our products have all the necessary certifications in the operating country – providing our customers peace-of-mind.




Designing your dream sauna or steam room couldn’t be any easier with our professional support.  Download our step by step guide to facilitate the planning of your dream sauna or steam room.  Once you’ve finished, simply email the document to us and we will provide you with a price for your review.


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