TylöHelo partner and distributor for NSW & ACT for sauna and steam products

All Helo electric sauna heaters are proudly made in Finland and has a widespread reputation of offering genuine Finnish saunas.  The large stone compartments in most of the Helo electric heaters allow more stones which enhances the extreme löyly sauna experience, increasing in moisture and apparent temperature in the sauna.  

NEW!!!!   Helo Hanko Black


Helo Hanko sauna heater is our latest modern design novelty heater in compact size.  It holds a remarkable 32 kg of stones that offers gentle sauna bath.  Easy to use and install.  Wall mounted.

Helo Cup Graphite  


Helo Cup sauna heater is compact which fits small sauna rooms and where basic functions are sufficient.  With built in mechanical controls, the Helo Cup is simple and powerful.  Wall mounted.


Helo Vienna  


Helo Vienna sauna heater is a perfect solution for small sauna rooms. Its stylish and slim design takes up minimal space in the sauna.  Built in mechanical controllers can be installed on either right or left hand side making it flexible to suit any layout.  Available in black or grey.  Wall mounted.

Helo Ringo Black (Helo-WT technology)


Helo Ringo Black sauna heaters offer multidimensional experience of pleasure and relaxation.  It provides traditional and gentle sauna with the unique BWT (Bio Water Technique), enhancing your sauna experience with multiple sensations.  Helo Ringo Black is a compact floor standing heater which carries 70 kg (4 boxes) of stones.

Helo Himalaya Elite (Helo-WT technology)


Impressive 100 kilograms of rocks and attractive 103 cm high Helo Himalaya heater comes in matte black or chrome. The Helo Himalaya can be installed floor standing in a corner or against a wall.  Digital control touch-pad Elite is included.