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CLEANING. To achieve the maximum possible return from your sauna, it is important to keep it clean and attractive. You should therefore clean the sauna regularly. Scrub the benches and floor with a green liquid soap, which is a mild and gentle detergent with a pleasant, old-fashioned fragrance. Mop floors with a mild detergent/disinfectant and leave door open overnight to keep interior “fresh”.


DO NOT HOSE THE SAUNA ROOM. Water can spray up off the floor and into electrical wiring under the base of the stove; it will also leave unsightly water stains on the cedar paneling.


STONES. Check that sauna stones have not been removed – stones should be replaced but not as a matter of urgency. Use only stones that are graded for sauna use. Place stones in the centre compartment around the elements – NOT ACROSS THE TOP OF THE STOVE.